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DJ L.A.B. - Jungle Sound Test EP
Inspired by the wealth of underground dance music played at local free parties in the UK, DJ L.A.B. first started producing in 2000 at the age of 16. He quickly found an affinity for jungle above all other styles; and heavily features reggae hooks, deep basslines and cut-up breaks in all his tracks.

Influenced mainly by early jungle and hardcore records, DJ L.A.B.'s Jungle Soundtest EP has a distinct old-school sound; ranging from the classic pads of "Where Did That Come From" to the heart-stopping bass and uplifting reggae vocals of "Soundtest" and "Big & Ready". Nickynutz steps it up with a storming remix of "Soundtest", which is sure to get everyone on the dancefloor.

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Price: € 3.99 Buy this album  
DJ L.A.B. - Soundtest - 05:51  1.49 Buy this Song !
DJ L.A.B. - Big & Ready - 05:57  1.49 Buy this Song !
DJ L.A.B. - Where Did That Come From? - 06:36  1.49 Buy this Song !
DJ L.A.B. - Soundtest (Nickynutz Slaughter Remix) - 05:59  1.49 Buy this Song !
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