General LevyPossibly and probably General Levy‘s greatest contribution to the world, featured in the track “Incredible” (The Jungle Is Massive) by M-Beat. ”

Booyaka booyaka” and the Jungle craze swept the world and empowered a generation with some of the most intensely uplifting vibes with the Jungle music revolution.

“Booyaka” was quickly absorbed and accepted by humanity as a word to describe and let out the awesome feeling inside, when one is king of the world.

Booyaka booyaka
When the general ah pass
Booyaka booyaka
M-Beat run the dance
Booyaka booyaka
We nah tek back nah talk
Booyaka booyaka

General Levy‘s “Incredible” (M-Beat)

Taken from www.urbandictionary.com

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