Truths And Rights feat. Johnny Osbourne – BONES & Curfew / Seed Organization (Junglist Sound)

Johnny Osbourne

Photo: Carlo Crippa // Rototom Sunsplash

Third release from Junglist Sound features Johnny Osbourne re-visiting the title-track from his 1980 album produced by Clement Dodd for Studio One.

BONES & CURFEW drop some dark science on the a-side; stripping things down to a minimal, yet driving drum and bass growler.

Osbourne’s voice hauntingly drifts into the mix over top of their menacing riddim track:

“Tomorrow is promised to no one – Soundboy Run!”

On the flipside, Osbourne’s classic tune gets a “future reggae” update by SEED ORGANIZATION. All the elements of the original, rootsy sound move forward overtop of a modern, riddim-driven skank. A tough, bass-heavy re-version.
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“Truths and Rights” feat. Johnny Osbounre – Junglist Sound
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