M16 feat. Sammy Dread – JBostron / Tricky D (Junglist Sound)

JXDJS400Junglist Sound keeps it bubbling with the fourth release in their reversionist series.

M16” features Sammy Dread, one of the first British reggae artists to embrace dancehall.

JBostron (Scotland) smashes up the dance with his Drum and Bass remix, while Tricky D (Germany/Croatia) dubs things out with his deep re-versioning of this reggae classic.


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Truths And Rights feat. Johnny Osbourne – BONES & Curfew / Seed Organization (Junglist Sound)

Johnny Osbourne

Photo: Carlo Crippa // Rototom Sunsplash

Third release from Junglist Sound features Johnny Osbourne re-visiting the title-track from his 1980 album produced by Clement Dodd for Studio One.

BONES & CURFEW drop some dark science on the a-side; stripping things down to a minimal, yet driving drum and bass growler.

Osbourne’s voice hauntingly drifts into the mix over top of their menacing riddim track:

“Tomorrow is promised to no one – Soundboy Run!”

On the flipside, Osbourne’s classic tune gets a “future reggae” update by SEED ORGANIZATION. All the elements of the original, rootsy sound move forward overtop of a modern, riddim-driven skank. A tough, bass-heavy re-version.
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“Truths and Rights” feat. Johnny Osbounre – Junglist Sound
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Warehouse Finds 2012

Number One Sound feat. Gregory Isaacs – BONES (Junglist Sound)

JXDJS200For the 2nd release from RCola’s new “Junglist Sound” project, BONES (UK) serves up two Jungle mixes of ‘Number One Sound’ featuring the late great Gregory Isaacs (R.I.P.)

BONES has been an active DJ since 1989. Presenter for Kane FM, Selector for the Da Vinci Sound Collective, and a Producer for Junglist Sound & R.I.Q YARDROCK Recordings, he continues to bring his love for Reggae and Drum ‘n Bass to the airwaves and soundsystems.

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“Number One Sound” feat. Gregory Isaacs – BONES EP
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Warehouse Finds 2012

The Way Of The Warrior – Irie Worryah

IrieWorryahIrie Worryah is an upcoming Dubstep and Drum and Bass producer out of Detmold, Germany.

Worryah’s rebellious tracks are filled with flavourful reggae samples, deep basslines, offbeats, and rumbling wobbles.

The Way of The Warrior” EP offers five tunes that showcase his style and positive energy. “Reggae for breakfast, lunch and Drum and Bass for supper”.

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Irie Worryah’s “The Way Of The Warrior” EP
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Warehouse Finds 2012

Tek Care / Mentally Ill feat. Virtus – ePeak

JXDEV100Virtus is an upcoming Italian singer currently bringing fire with his voice all around Europe.

Teaming up with French producer ePeak, they produced 2 tunes for JungleXpeditions.

ePeak leads things off with a dancefloor Drum and Bass remix of “Tek Care”, which originally appeared on Virtus’ first album, then follows with their original collaboration “Mentally Ill”.

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Warehouse Finds 2012

Kill Dem Sound feat. Leroy Sibbles – RCola / Ab2o (Junglist Sound)

JunglistSound_WebLogo“On one of Liondub‘s many pilgrimages to Jamaica, he recorded a series of dubplate voicings for RCola. These exclusive recordings feature Leroy Sibbles, Gregory Isaacs, Sammy Dreadlocks, Carlton Livingston and Johnny Osbourne.

“The ‘Junglist Sound‘ project is a labour of love & respect for Jamaica‘s musical heritage and will showcase Drum ‘n Bass, Reggae and Dubstep versions from RCola, Bones, The Seed Organization, CZA, Ab2o, JBostron & G31 and more…”

JXDJS100JungleX boss RCola kicks-off this project with a touch-up of Leroy Sibbles‘ “Kill Dem Sound“; sampling original production from Marseille producer Ab2o‘s reggae re-version to create a two-track single full of authentic reggae vibes and uplifting junglist energy.”

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Warehouse Finds 2012

Bone Man – Transpermia EP

Leicester, UK‘s Bone Man brings 4 tributes to Jungle’s golden era. Well-chosen samples, fluttering drum breaks and booming sub-bass drive each one of these tunes, which are all joyfully reminiscent of Plug’s “Drum and Bass for Papa” series.
A blast from the past, refreshed for your aural pleasure!

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Check out Bone Man on Soundcloud

Bone Man – Transpermia EP – PREVIEWS by JungleXpeditions

Erbman Hustlin & Euphonique – Our Style EP

Erbman Hustlin & “Amen Sister” Euphonique team-up on this solid 4-track EP.

Equal parts smoked-out dubwise d’n’b and tear-out jungle bangers; each producer offers up an original tune and remixes the other.

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Erbman Hustlin Soundcloud
Euphonique Soundcloud

South America Connection – Bruno’s Dubs & Daniel Maia (Brazil)

Bruno Alves de Oliveira lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and has been a junglist since 1996.

Together with partner DJ Daniel Maia (Drumnation) they connect with JungleXpeditions to represent the underground sounds of Brazilian Drum and bass.

Reggae and Soul influences, alongside the classic Amen break & old school vibes give a touch of nostalgia to these rootsy drum and bass tunes.

Bruno’s Dubs on Soundcloud | Drumnation

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Wicked Reggae EP – Catalone (Russia)

Producer & dj from Saint-Petersburg, Catalone joined the Russian wave emerging ragga-jungle talent in 2009. 
Autumn of 2011 he founded the I&I Soundsystem with dj Fayah Lion.

Catalone had already played alongside some heavy-hitters in the game such as Aries, Sub Zero, HoT, and Feyder.

With much love to bring via his ragga-jungle music, Catalone is looking forward to make big moves in the Jungle underground.

Catalone on Facebook | Catalone on Soundcloud

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