Junglist Sound – the album

Junglist Sound

On one of Liondub’s many pilgrimages to Jamaica, he recorded a series of dubplate voicings for RCola. These exclusive recordings feature the classic voices of Leroy Sibbles, Gregory Isaacs, Sammy Dreadlocks, Carlton Livingston and Johnny Osbourne.

The ‘Junglist Sound’ project is RCola’s labour of love & respect for Jamaica’s musical heritage and showcases Drum ‘n Bass and Future Reggae “reversionings” from RCola, Ab2o, Bones, CZA, Tricky D, The Seed Organization, JBostron and many more… Call it re-mixing, call it re-fashioning, call it what you like; Junglist Sound offers a ‘way in’ to the new listeners and provides old-school fans a chance to hear classics reborn.

Over 2013-2104, Junglist Sound singles were released. These singles have been compiled into one complete album, now available on Bandcamp

Rebel on the Roots Corner – RCola Remixes

Selecta Cab (France) sent over RCola his Tippa Irie dubplate voicing of “Rebel on the Roots Corner” and said “Do your rub-a-dub ‘ting on this badman!”

Since RCola didn’t have access to Tippa’s original music, he produced his own reggae riddim: Irie Rebel, then remixed that to create his Jungle version of the tune.

Upon completing the work, he sent an mp3 to Tippa, who promptly enlisted RCola to do a remix for his upcoming “Free” EP, and later gave RCola permission to release his “Rebel on the Roots Corner” remixes as a digital single.

Listen to RCola’s remixes at JungleX’s online MP3 shop

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JungleX – Contact

JungleX is proud of the label group releases it distributes and the artists it represents. While 12″ vinyl sales have all-but faded from their previous (and sadly-missed!) glory; the MP3 format continues to slowly expand it’s reach, inspiring ever-growing support from the worldwide Junglist massive!

Get in touch with JungleX directly via Email: info @ junglex . ca

JungleXpeditions : 1st Quarter Report 2011

As spring brings in it’s wash of rain and sunshine, winter melts away to reveal it’s story. To briefly summarize the ongoing trends: MP3 & Mixtape downloads peaked, giving the producers and labels involved a proper push towards their goals.

JungleX is proud of the label group and the artists it represents, so the rising number of downloads is a great look. While 12″ vinyl sales have all-but disappeared; the mp3 format continues to slowly expand it’s reach, inspiring more support from more people.

The first quarter of 2011 also marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with UK-based digital distributor Cygnus Music. With this partnership in place, JungleX can now offer it’s artists access to over 50 music download shops worldwide including iTunes, Beatport, Juno and Amazon.

Looking forward to the rest of 2011: more artists’ digital EPs on JungleXpeditions & more OuterNationalizm mixtapes from International guest Selectors to help keep the jungle fires blazin!

JungleX mobile – now online!

JungleXpeditions has gone mobile! Now you can visit our handheld-optimized version of the website and stay up-to-date with our artists and their new releases while on the move. Spring is here, so get out of the house and keep the jungle fires blazin’ on your mobile.

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To make downloading mixtapes from JungleXpeditons easier, a new page has been added to the website with all the download links in one place. Just look on the right hand side “Selectah” menu and click on “Mixtapes“.

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JungleXpeditons has been working with Juno Records for over 7 years. To check out our 12″ vinyl and MP3 catalogue available, just click on the image above and head on over.

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www.ragga-jungle.comRagga-Jungle.com is a highly regarded online forum for the international ragga-jungle community. Since it’s early internet days as an email list, it has grown to inspire a worldwide massive of support and spin-offs.

Full of music, promotional information and the occassional web-drama, many of today’s well-known soldiers first came to light on this crucial site. Founder Rhygin is also a producer and dj and founder of Ten Pound Sound recording label.

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“Irie Cola” live @ BoomTown Fair (UK) 2010

In the summer of 2010, reggae singer Jamie Irie and dj/producer RCola embarked on a month-long tour; which took them to England, Germany, Lithuania, and Latvia; with 10 performances including festival slots at Zverafest (Latvia), Fordham (UK) and the BoomTown Fair (UK).

Here’s an edit taken from the live footage captured at the Lion’s Den stage @ Boomtown Fair 2010 in Buckinghamshire, England. Jamie Irie and RCola closed the night after performances from Smiley Culture, General Levy and Demolition Man.

They had met earlier on Myspace when Irie reached out to RCola for help promoting the new project Irie has been building with producer Sam Gilly and House of Riddim (Austria). RCola promptly re-mixed two tunes and Irie and Gilly were impressed enough with his work to enlist him to produce more music for the project.

RCola has toured the European continent 10 times in the last 6 years promoting his original productions and dubplates from his label group; and had been looking to add a live MC to his showcases. He soon booked a mini-tour and flew to Bristol to perform with Irie for “Blurred Vision” at the Lakota.

Originally planning to surprise the promoter with an introduction and live performance of the two new re-mixes, Irie stayed on the mic and together he and RCola lit up the Lakota for 2 hours in front of a very receptive massive.