“It’s a Junglist Ting” ft. David Boomah & Blackout JA (RCola Remix)

Run Tingz Cru are here to smash away those winter blues with the sixth release on their trailblazing eponymous label. Kicking things off in a typically upbeat fashion, this Bristol-based collective enlists legendary singer David Boomah and Run Tingz resident MC Jamaican-born Blackout JA.

The release features five (yes, five!) mixes of the tune with international Jungle legends RCola, Tester and newcomer HoT on the remix duties! The vinyl also features a slightly more dubbed-out amen remix from the label bosses G.Tactix and J.Man so there is something here to keep everyone happy!

The release will be available on 12″ vinyl and digital formats from January / February 2012. There are also a run of limited edition posters being given away to celebrate the release so if you want to get your hands on one (and there only 50) send your FULL NAME and ADDRESS here: list@runtingzrecordings.co.uk

It’s a Junglist Ting ft. David Boomah & Blackout J.A – Run Tingz Cru (RCola Remix)

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“Nuttin A Go So” video – RCola remix

Isaac Maya @ Salon Calavera

Isaac Maya live at Salon Calavera during his Kingdom Rise tour of South America.

“Irie Cola” live @ BoomTown Fair (UK) 2010

In the summer of 2010, reggae singer Jamie Irie and dj/producer RCola embarked on a month-long tour; which took them to England, Germany, Lithuania, and Latvia; with 10 performances including festival slots at Zverafest (Latvia), Fordham (UK) and the BoomTown Fair (UK).

Here’s an edit taken from the live footage captured at the Lion’s Den stage @ Boomtown Fair 2010 in Buckinghamshire, England. Jamie Irie and RCola closed the night after performances from Smiley Culture, General Levy and Demolition Man.

They had met earlier on Myspace when Irie reached out to RCola for help promoting the new project Irie has been building with producer Sam Gilly and House of Riddim (Austria). RCola promptly re-mixed two tunes and Irie and Gilly were impressed enough with his work to enlist him to produce more music for the project.

RCola has toured the European continent 10 times in the last 6 years promoting his original productions and dubplates from his label group; and had been looking to add a live MC to his showcases. He soon booked a mini-tour and flew to Bristol to perform with Irie for “Blurred Vision” at the Lakota.

Originally planning to surprise the promoter with an introduction and live performance of the two new re-mixes, Irie stayed on the mic and together he and RCola lit up the Lakota for 2 hours in front of a very receptive massive. 

BoomTown Fair 2010

All we can say is thank you everyone !!

Almost to much fun was had at this years fair, we have had nothing but good reports and it was all made possible through dedication of a fantastic crew, we are just starting to battle through the feedback emails now so if you have emailed us we will get back to you soon!

Now in our creative eyes, all Boomtown 2010 has really done is simply given us a whole new look into where we can actually take the festival, scope to link streets to streets and alleyways onto alleyways!! the plans and crazy ideas now circulating are just off the planet !!

We are going to have a month or so rest but please visit us again soon and keep checking our progress – Boomtown 2011 is set to take the festival world to a whole new magical level!!

(new BoomTown website coming soon!)

Much love and respect to everyone…

[taken from http://www.boomtownfair.co.uk]


General LevyPossibly and probably General Levy‘s greatest contribution to the world, featured in the track “Incredible” (The Jungle Is Massive) by M-Beat. ”

Booyaka booyaka” and the Jungle craze swept the world and empowered a generation with some of the most intensely uplifting vibes with the Jungle music revolution.

“Booyaka” was quickly absorbed and accepted by humanity as a word to describe and let out the awesome feeling inside, when one is king of the world.

Booyaka booyaka
When the general ah pass
Booyaka booyaka
M-Beat run the dance
Booyaka booyaka
We nah tek back nah talk
Booyaka booyaka

General Levy‘s “Incredible” (M-Beat)

Taken from www.urbandictionary.com

General Levy on Myspace

RCola (Montreal, Canada)

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RCola lives in Montreal, Canada and plays a high energy blend of jungle and dubwise vinyls alongside his own original dubplates. After discovering jungle music on late-night radio in 1999, RCola began producing and playing live.

In 2002, RCola co-founded the infamous Chopstick Dubplate label and began to release vinyls and tour in Europe as a key player in the North American Ragga-Jungle revival.

In 2004, he formed the JungleXpeditions distribution company / record label and launched his own Royal Crown imprint; and to date has released 25 songs and toured throughout Europe 12 times; performing over 250+ shows in 20 different countries. His polished production aesthetic & highly musical ear is evidenced throughout his uplifting reggae-flavoured compositions and crowd-pleasing live shows.

In 2009, RCola released his “Rub A Dub Wize” album; which features 14 songs with reggae greats Barrington Levy, Sister Nancy, Jimmy Riley; jungle MCs Jamalski and Soultrain and chanteuse Belle Humble as well as dancefloor remixes of songs by live bands Aiwa and Transglobal Underground.

>> Listen to RCola‘s “Rub A Dub Wize” album <<

In 2010, RCola teamed-up with reggae singer Jamie Irie and Sam Gilly‘s House of Riddim live band, performing 10 shows with Jamie Irie all over Europe, (including Boomtown Fair (UK) & Zverafest (Latvia), as well as contributing production to Irie’s project with House of Riddim.

RCola released “Irie Cola“, a 3-track digital EP of his remixes of Jamie Irie‘s tunes: “Words Can Be So Simple“, “Sweet Sensi“, and “Legalize It“. This EP is now available at 50+ online retail outlets, including iTunes, Beatport and Juno.

>> Listen to RCola‘s “Irie Cola” at JungleX.ca EP <<

“Sweet Sensi” ft. Jamie Irie (RCola remix) by RCola

In 2011, RCola remixed two songs for dancehall legend and Grammy-nominated artist Tippa Irie. RCola’s rub-a-dubwize remix of “Free” appears on the multi-track single release at iTunes.

“Free” ft. Tippa Irie (RCola Remix) by RCola

Early in 2012, RCola re-mixed Run Tingz‘ “It’s a Junglist Ting” featuring legendary reggae/jungle singer David Boomah & Run Tingz own MC Blackout JA.

(FR) RCola est un des artistes du ragga jungle canadien dont les productions tournent en ce moment sur vos platines et font bouger tout le dancefloor. Souvent en tournee europeenne, il presente ses nouveaux jungle remixes et compositions originales.

(ES) RCola es uno de esos artistas excitantes que estan constantemente empujando el genero a un nivel superior con sus propias producciones increibles y su rigurosa agenda de giras, a la vez que promociona a otros productores a moverse con fuerza en la escena Ragga-Jungle mundial.