We offer expertise and help in finding the perfect air conditioning system for your needs. We have a long history of installing and repairing air conditioning systems in Ottawa , and at all times we consider it vitally important to listen to the needs of our customers and identify the perfect option for their cold air conditioning system.

Specialized in Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Maintenance In Ottawa

We maintain your hot and cold facilities regardless of the season. And we guarantee your satisfaction in a fast and comfortable way.

Based in Ottawa, Junglex repairs and installs air conditioning, refrigeration and heating in Ottawa and surrounding areas. We consider your budget and requirements at every step, ensuring that you receive a simple service, without complications and with the peace of mind that the confidence of our professionals.

With more than 5 years in the HVAC industry, we offer a complete service. Our philosophy makes us understand heating and cooling from every possible angle. We offer free estimates and competitive prices with the intention of providing installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning and heating solutions that are perfectly adapted to your home, office or business.

When it comes to finding the best air conditioning system, people can find themselves at a loss as to which system, design, unit or brand is best suited to their needs. Should I install a water cooled or evaporative system? Wall-mounted unit, cassette or a ducted air conditioner? Will this heat pump work for me with the harsh winter in Ottawa? Finding the perfect installation formula for you requires skills, experience and years of dedication in the air conditioning industry in Ottawa.

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Advice on air conditioning

We offer expertise and help in finding the perfect air conditioning system for your needs. We have a long history of supplying heating and air conditioning systems in Ottawa, and at all times we consider it vitally important to listen to the needs of our customers and identify the perfect option for their hot and cold air conditioning system.

We have provided air conditioning installation services in Ottawa to companies, chains and a large number of offices and shops. Of course also in homes of all kinds and conditions. We always look for the interest and the economy as a long-term investment of our clients. To ensure that we provide a perfect climate for every home, office and business. It often involves visiting and asking multiple times to offer you the most professional and balanced quote tailored to your needs.

Air Conditioner Repair Ottawa

Air Conditioning Services in Ottawa

All our air conditioning work in Ottawa and its surroundings are guaranteed. Our air conditioning installations are carried out only by professionals with great experience and knowledge, as well as certified for the handling of air conditioning equipment. We only use certified quality materials. We practice our profession with scrupulous compliance with safety measures and respect for the Environment.

Dedicated to the repair, maintenance and installation of Air Conditioning of the most popular brands. Specialists in inverter, split systems, heat pumps, duct equipment, cassettes, etc. We serve with professionalism and a guarantee backed by more than 5 years of experience in air conditioning equipment.

Once we are clear about the type of installation we want for our home or workplace, we move on to the next phase, which would be the installation.

The installation of an air conditioner is not something that anyone can do, but must be done by professional experts:

✔️ Because air conditioners use greenhouse gases (which affect the ozone layer) and should only be installed by qualified people, who must also have a license that proves that they are a professional prepared to do this job.

✔️ It must be a person with enough experience since it depends on that the life of our air conditioning is longer and the maintenance easier.

There are companies that increase the price of air conditioning assembly, which means that sometimes customers are surprised. Therefore, we recommend that you request a quote first, this way there will be no last minute surprises.

If you are looking to enjoy the best air conditioning offers and that is air conditioning + installation, we offer you the best air conditioning offers without surprises.

We offer a comprehensive service so that you save time and money.

At Junglex, we are experts in air conditioning. We put at your disposal the best prepared team of Ottawa air conditioning professionals, in addition to the best air conditioning offers, installation included, so that your experience with us is one of absolute tranquility.

Because we are interested in your well-being and comfort, we carry out weekly air conditioning promotions and offers at irresistible prices.

Ottawa Air conditioner Service Near You

Service Backed by experienced professionals in the installation of air conditioning. We can meet all your needs for both heat and cold.

We guarantees a flexible and comfortable service for you, with fast delivery times between order and installation. Our air conditioning and heating technicians will visit your home or business and agree on what is necessary to guarantee you the best possible air conditioning and / or heating solution.

We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and a service of the highest quality. Our commitment to excellence gives us a reputation as  trusted Madrid air conditioning installers. And affordable when it comes to value for money. Of course, we also offer maintenance and repair services on residential and commercial installations, both air conditioning and heating for conduits , cassettes and splits . Please, contact us and ask us about our latest offers or request a budget without obligation.

Our range of products ensures that no matter what hot or cold technique you want, we have something for every need. We are also proud to be installers of top-level brands such as  Daikin , Mitsubishi , Fujitsu-General and Toshiba , but also, brands of less prestige are recommended but not for that reason worse options for certain less severe environments such as Kaysun , Kosner and Daitsu .

What Brands of Air Conditioning do we word with?

In order to offer excellence in our work, it is essential to work with the best brands of both air conditioning in Split and air conditioning ducts .

That is why we always work with brands that guarantee that you will have quality air conditioning for a long time, whether the installation is in your home or in your workplace.

As with the rest of the electrical appliances that we put at home, choosing a quality air conditioner will allow us to enjoy the advantages of having it for a longer time. This is why we must make sure that we choose the appropriate refrigeration system, in addition to having professionals prepared for the installation of your Madrid air conditioning.

Among the brands we work with you can find:

  • Fujitsu
  • Saunier Duval
  • Daikin
  • Junkers
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Samsung
  • Vaillant


We are constantly renovating to offer you the latest generation of air conditioning with the best features.

You must bear in mind that depending on the place where you want to install the air conditioning or the area you want to cover, you will have to decide on one or another cooling system. Some will adapt better than others to the conditions of the place where you want it to be installed. That is why we must take into account that the air conditioning company offers us the best alternative, has well-trained technicians and has the best air conditioning offers.

Type Of Air Conditioning Systems

Cooling a small space is not the same as a large one. Cool a bedroom or an entire floor, so before starting to buy, you should consult a specialist company. We will help you choose the air conditioning system that best suits your circumstances.

For this we must bear in mind that there are three types of systems:

  • Split
  • Multisplit
  • Ducts


Split air conditioning

It is undoubtedly the most demanded air conditioning system, especially in homes. In general, Split air conditioning systems are aesthetically very neat and are also quite quiet. This system consists of two units. One is placed inside the house and is from which the cold air comes out, and another outside, formed by the compressor and the condenser. These two units are connected to each other by copper tubes through which the refrigerant gas circulates. The Split air conditioning price is the cheapest on the market. Within the price of air conditioning, whatever the type, you should ask if it is air conditioning installation included or if, on the contrary, it is a part. But we will talk about that later.

Multisplit air conditioning

This air conditioning system is very interesting, since it allows us to have air conditioning and heating throughout the house, whatever the type. In this case, we would have to have an internal and external unit as in Split systems. The difference is that there would be one outdoor unit and up to 8 indoor units in the home. This system is a very good option to achieve air conditioning throughout the house.

Ducted air conditioning

This is one of the most aesthetic solutions, because there is no type of device in sight, but at the same time it is the most expensive. Through a centralized system that is placed on a false ceiling, the air is distributed through ducts (also hidden) The air is distributed throughout the house through grilles that can be regulated manually or electronically. It is a complex installation that is usually done in homes on site.

Our Reviewed by Customers in Ottawa

From the moment that we met with Dave, our encounter with was really very professional. Every step in the process, from the initial discussion of purchase options, to the installation of the A/C, then the follow-up by the tech, it was top notch. We bought this home from our parents who had used Junglex for years. I would strongly recommend this local company.
Christine B
It was a Sunday and they were able to get out the same day. When the technician got to my house, it only took him 15 min to diagnose the problem and fix it. We are so happy with the professional service. Also the pricing was very reasonable. We have had bad experience in the past with another provider in our area, so it was definitely amazing that we were responded to same day.
Eric W
They are very easy to work with. A family health issue forced a long delay before installation could be done. They took it all in stride and stored our air conditioner for 5 months before we could be allow it to be installed. The installation went smoothly and I'm very happy with the way it is working. I want to especially thank Patrick and David for their patience with my frequent questions during the installation.
Derek L

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