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The installation of an electrical outlet is essential in any construction and useful in any home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, including the living room and the bathroom, as well as to connect our electrical appliances This utility is evolving over time for several reasons, starting with the connection of new equipment or mobile, the filling of the shortcomings of the initial electrical installation and finally the replacement of a faulty outlet that is no longer working.

Our electricians use sophisticated equipment to always ensure efficient and rapid interventions. We are available 24 hours a day every day of the week in the event of an emergency.

At the market level, electrical outlets are available in a wide range to cover the needs of each home. By definition, the electrical outlet is a connector that connects the electrical network with household appliances. Indeed, they differ according to standards and countries, there are: Female sockets: wall sockets Male plugs; mobile bases Built-in electrical outlets; Home automation electrical outlets; electrical outlet with dimmer Multimedia.

Recommended number of sockets in a room:

The installation of electrical outlets must follow a well-defined anarchy. In fact, the number of sockets to ask depends on several criteria including the area of the room. Here is the recommended number of shots for each part:

  • Kitchen: at least 6 outlets, 4 of which must be installed above the worktop.
  • Bedroom: at least 3 sockets.
  • Living room: at least 5 electrical outlets.
  • Other bedrooms: a single electrical outlet for an area exceeding 4 m².

Thus, like any other electrical equipment, installatng  outlet must be handled with great care and according to certain safety rules. To guarantee a reliable, efficient installation and above all compliant with standards, it is essential to respect the number of sockets installed per room and to respect the location of these devices in relation to the ground.

Outlet Replacement & Repair Services In Ottawa

Installing an electrical outlet is an operation that is no longer easy and must be carried out in accordance with current standards. In fact, after having drawn up an electrical diagram to specify the location of the different sockets, it is essential to be equipped with the right equipment, which is generally: a socket, an electric cable with three conductors, electrical connectors, a screwdriver, two pliers: one stripping and another cutting, moldings. How we successfully install your electrical outlets

  • Start by fixing the moulding to the wall and slide the cable that protects the electric wires;
  • Then install and screw the socket frame to the desired location:
  • Then connect your electric wires to the appropriate terminals;
  • Then, opt for the assembly of mechanism;
  • Place the cover in place on the moulding and install the cover plate.

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