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What is the role of an electrical panel?

An electrical panel, or protection panel or even distribution panel, is the central element of any electrical installation. It comes in the form of a box that nests all the electrical circuits but also certain essential electrical elements (switch, circuit breaker, home automation, etc.) of a house. Thus, it is the head element that supplies power to the different rooms of a house through a network of specific cables.

The electrical panel greatly contributes to the comfort of our daily life. However, you should know that the electrical panel repair and installation is well recognized by its complexity but also by its difficulty, which requires you to use a reliable electrician expert to successfully complete it.

For all electrical panel repair and installation work in Ottawa, do not hesitate to call our professional electricians. They will take care of your electrical problems and do their best to provide you with professional assistance and valuable advice. 


Electrical Panel Installation Steps

The installation of the electrical panel must be carried out according to very specific rules to guarantee proper operation and good electrical safety.

  • Connecting an electrical panel is an operation that should not be taken lightly. The intervention of a professional is essential since he has the necessary equipment for the installation (the box, the protective elements, the connection wires, etc.) and since he will be able to successfully carry out the various installation steps which include:
  • Installation of the technical housing or GTL short. This is a support where the board will be attached. Ensure the earthing will protect you against current leakage and therefore the risk of electrocution.
  • Connecting protective devices
  • Connecting circuits to circuit breakers
  • Connecting the differentials

We take care of your electrical panel from A to Z: Our team will take care of the installation of your electrical panel. Your new electrical panel will be placed in the best place and easy to access. Regarding its installation, it will be in accordance with the electrical diagram drawn up at the beginning, moreover, our team will attach great importance to each of the steps mentioned above. 

If you have any doubt about your electrical panel, do not hesitate to contact us for a diagnosis made by our professionals electricians. 

Touching electricity cannot be improvised. Expertise and basic tools are necessary, as are measuring instruments such as voltmeters or multimeters, for the installation of your electrical panels. Most often, an homeowners can just handle light bulbs (of which there are different types: low consumption, led, neon, etc.) or extension cords.

Your electrical services will be managed by our professionals who are well qualified and experienced in this field to avoid any risk of improper repair and installation.

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