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The renovation of a building electrical circuit is necessary or even essential for safety. Indeed, old homes were not designed to withstand current equipment, It should be noted that the installations carried out are considered outdated. In fact, it generally does not have an earthed device which is essential to guarantee optimum safety. 
In addition, the cross-section of the cables is no longer suitable for current electrical use. Older installations generally have cables with a fairly small cross-section that no longer correspond to modern intensive use. These wires tend to heat up more easily and thus constitute a real fire danger.

  • Wiring methods we use for electrical renovations: All cables and devices such as sockets and switches are built into the walls. This type of installation requires work that is very heavy because it is necessary to dismantle the entire installation that is set up, including the various light points. It is also necessary to locate the new switches, resize the electrical panel, etc. So, this is a renovation that takes a long time and creates a lot of debris and noise. Also, you need to study your decoration in full. However, there are several advantages that characterize this type of installation. In fact, this is a very aesthetic method since the different elements (equipment and cables) will be invisible. The intervention must be carried out by an electrician who is highly qualified but also well equipped with the right equipment to avoid any damage.
  • Surface mounting: Surface mounting is an installation method that is lighter than the first method. However, it is no longer aesthetic since you have to run the wires but also the mouldings where you will install your sockets, your light points, your switches, etc. In fact, you can ask your electrician for solutions to make it look better.

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