We offer the best service for homes and companies in Ottawa. Always efficient and fast work, whether it is a small repair or a new installation. We have extensive knowledge of our profession, we have a long experience and we have the best tools that can be had to carry out the jobs in the most appropriate way.

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We offer residential and commercial electrical installation, repair, renovation and troubleshooting services tailored to your needs. Our electrician craftsmen in Ottawa are perfectly renowned on the market thanks to the rare skills they have. They have been operating in the electricity sector for years, which has allowed them to gather irreproachable expertise and unbeatable technicality.

Electrical work is recognized as complex and difficult work and represents a real danger for people who lack technical skills. Concerned about your safety and your well-being, we will do the installation, repair, renovation work carried out in accordance with the rules.

We detect and solve any type of incident, from a derivation to a short circuit, and we do it at any time, since we work uninterruptedly for the safety of our clients. We take care of new installations and renovations, but also small jobs, from hanging a lamp to installing a doorman, we also write energy efficiency reports and advise on saving measures in consumption. Of course, we provide emergency electricity service 24 hours a day so if there is a breakdown or a problem of any kind we can move immediately.

For all your electrical outage repair, installation or troubleshooting needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Electricity fault detection

We detect and solve any type of incident, from a derivation to a short circuit, and we do it at any time, since we work uninterruptedly for the safety of our clients. We take care of new installations and renovations, but also small jobs, from hanging a lamp to installing a doorman, we also write energy efficiency reports and advise on saving measures in consumption. Of course, we provide emergency electricity service 24 hours a day so if there is a breakdown or a problem of any kind we can move immediately.

We improve your electrical installation

For completely new installations, we can take care of your design. A design always adapted to the needs of the property and the strictest legislation, since safety is fundamental for us. We write the project, we make it happen, we take care of the electrical bulletin and we leave the installation in operation.
We carry out the same procedure in the case of reform, always adapted to each circumstance. If you have to renew a wiring in poor or old condition, put new light points or new mechanisms or the use of the property has changed and the installation needs to be improved, our work as an electrician in Madrid will also be the best.

An infinite number of electrical problems can appear in your home or business, new or old, every building is threatened by power outages.

Failures vary depending on your equipment, they can be faulty electric heaters, faulty electronic boards, damaged electronic boxes, faulty circuit boards or a power outage, so if you find yourself facing power failure issues do not hesitate to call our electrician who will respond to your call within a maximum of 30 minutes.

Our long experience has clearly identified us as the best specialists in the residential and commercial electrical industry in Ottawa. We guarantee you quick and efficient interventions.

Electrical Services

Of course, we can take care of any ordinary electrician work in Ottawa. We install, expand or modify them to adapt them to new uses; we take care of maintenance; we install all kinds of appliances and make small repairs. Always quickly guarantees and at the best market prices

Light box installation

Our technicians are preferred when it comes to requiring the services to install and reapair light panel , as they are distinguished by their quality from all the others. We are backed by a long history of years of work, during which we have offered our services with excellence in Ottawa and its surroundings.

LED lighting installation

Our Technicians have all the knowledge and tools to repair your breakdowns and emergency blackouts, but also to undertake complete electrical reforms. We have the resources to offer all services related to electrical systems of any complexity, in commercial or residential premises. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us because we have the capacity and the preparation to carry out all kinds of electrical work. 

Troubleshooting broken electric heaters

For every home, an electric heater is considered the most important element of both the winter and fall seasons. Once down, the atmosphere, mood and comfort of your home will disappear. Concerned about your well-being, our Ottawa electricians are committed to providing you with professional radiator repair work in order to meet your needs and get rid of your worries.

electrician ottawa

Plug changes

Our team of professional electricians is also specialized in providing the best customer service, but don’t worry. Once we work with you, you will have the peace of mind of having a electrician available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Switch replacement

Our electrician will change your defect switches in your house or company, the switching and the arrangement of the cables is interchanged and can be more of a problem than a simple installation, which is what it seems a priori.

Short Circuit Detection and Repair

Of course, we also offer an urgent repair service for electrical faults. In the event of a power failure, short circuit or any other type of incident, our specialist technicians can solve the problem in record time. We have the best specialists and the most modern tools.

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Our high-quality professional services will meet your needs and expectations. At Michel Guimont Entrepreneur Électricien, we are committed to respecting your requirements while ensuring that the standards and laws in force are respected.

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Electrical Service At Your Doorstep

Armed with the most innovative equipment available and the rare expertise gained over the years, our electricians are able to offer you high-performance, effective and efficient services in order to free you from the problems and defects that could threaten or disturb your safety. Each electrician on our team in Paris has the necessary expertise to serve you with high performance work.

Electrical Installation

Our electrical installation services are designed to operate the lighting system of your premises (house, apartment, office, store, shop, business, etc.) through circuit breakers and allow you to take advantage of the different functions of your electronic devices.

Whether you want an exposed installation with threaded wires or a recessed installation with invisible wires, our electricians can offer you work that meets your expectations and under the most favorable conditions and the most suited to your availability.

Repair of electrical panels

Recognized as the central component of each electrical installation, the electrical panel is used to distribute electrical current to the various circuits of your network while allowing you to enjoy optimal security within your premises.

To do this, whether is for your old or new house, your electrical panel must comply with the electrical safety standard. You can choose between the different types of electrical panels; pre-wired electrical panel, equipped electrical panel or an electrical cabinet, but whatever your choice you need to bring in an experienced electrician who has the necessary technical expertise and the know-how essential for this type of work.

We also carry out the diagnosis of your installation
Defects can affect one of the elements or even all of your electricity (installations and equipment), these defects can put you in danger, these risks can be electrocutions, burns, fires, trauma, fibrillations … etc.

Thanks to our long experience in the field of electricity, we offer you the best diagnostic operations for your electrical installations in order to verify and implement appropriate measures.

Electrical renovation work

As a result of technological developments, our electricity consumption is growing day by day, making our old facilities obsolete and unable to meet our needs.

In fact, an electrical installation carried out before 1991 is at this moment recognized as obsolete because in the first place the old installations cannot bring you a great security since they are not earthed and in a second place their capacity is much reduced compared to our current intensive and modern use of electrical energy as they are designed to tolerate moderate use.

In order to solve this problem, resorting to the implementation of an electrical renovation project is considered the most suitable solution.

To ideally renovate your electrical installation, we put at your service electricians who ideally master their profession, do not delay in using us as soon as possible and take advantage of our exceptional offers.

Our Electricians Reviewed by Customers in Ottawa

One fine day, while I was cleaning one of the rooms in my home, I smell like a burnt smell: one of the outlets to which the power strip was plugged started to heat up, and luckily I was there at the right time to unplug devices and avoid the worst. I then contact your company, and one of your electricians comes to my house the same day. It is responsible for quickly changing the socket, and instead puts a more suitable and more efficient socket. Thank you for the speed of intervention and for the courteous service, I really appreciated it.
Adam S
I had a weird problem with a 3-headed wall lamp I had in my room: even when I changed the bulbs, they burned out in a few days, and I then had to replace them with new ones. I didn't know what the problem was, so I decide to call on you. The electrician who came to my house was very professional and very courteous, and he quickly identified the cause of the problem (the problem was with the electrical wires). He makes the necessary repairs and changes, and now the lamppost works flawlessly, and I no longer need to spend money unnecessarily changing bulbs. Thank you very much, you really helped me out!
Alexandra M
My husband and I wanted to do some electrical work in our bathroom, and although my husband is a handyman, we felt that it was necessary to bring in a professional for safety reasons. We contact your company, which sends us an electrician; upon arrival, he assesses our needs and the types of work to be carried out, and sends us a quote that we sign. The work done by your professional was impeccable, everything was done perfectly, and the rate paid was very reasonable. We highly recommend your services!
Mark R

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