We offer expertise and help in finding the perfect heating system for your needs. We have a long history of installing and repairing heating systems in Ottawa , and at all times we consider it vitally important to listen to the needs of our customers and identify the perfect option for their heating system.

Specialized in Heating Installation, Repair and Maintenance In Ottawa

We have the best technicians always at your service to solve your fault as quickly as possible. If you cannot stay warm, we will carry out a study of your installation to advise you and improve the efficiency of your heating system. Our technicians are highly qualified and have the appropriate tools to undertake all the heating services in your home in the fastest and most efficient way.

  • Repair the boiler heating thermostat
  • Boiler repair
  • Gas boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Diesel boilers
  • Hot water thermos
  • Water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Radiator bleeding
  • Leaking radiators
  • Community boilers

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Professional installation service for heating systems in Ottawa

We are experts in the design, advice, installation, repair and maintenance of heating systems for all types of spaces and industrial processes. A staff of highly qualified professionals capable of creating the best heating installations in Ottawa to preserve the maximum comfort and performance of the equipment used, always using the best brands on the market and the latest technologies.

Heating Installation

We install all types and heating systems , we offer a personalized service with a guarantee.

Conventional heating installation

This type of heating installation consists of a circuit of pipes that transports the water previously heated by a generator or boiler, to the emitters or radiators. Conventional heating is the most used by homes.

  • Installation of underfloor heating

It consists of circuits of pipes that circulate under the pavement and transport water heated by a generator or boiler. It is the heating installation system that is closest to the ideal comfort curve. By working at low temperatures, significant savings are achieved, and it is ideal to combine with any type of renewable energy.

  • Hot air generators

The option of installing heating using hot air generators is ideal if we want to heat large surfaces, such as industrial buildings, commercial premises, since the generation of hot air causes the temperature of the space to increase more quickly. In addition, another advantage of hot air generators is their simple installation in this type of establishment.

  • Hybridization heating installation

This type of heating installation consists of the combination of two or more systems in one. The most common is to combine the system with which we currently have other renewable energy, such as biomass or aerothermal energy . The objective is to achieve significant savings, improve comfort and always guarantee service, since if one system fails, the other is available. When hybridizing with biomass, savings of 70% can be achieved, and if the hybridization is with aerothermal, the savings can reach 50%. The installation can be done at any time of the year, since the existing installation will not stop working at any time.

We carry out a study of each case without any commitment, advising which is the best option. We work on complete facilities or reforms and / or extensions of existing ones.

Energy sources for heating

  • Natural gas

Heating, cooling and DHW (domestic hot water) installations are capable of using this non-renewable energy source formed by a mixture of light gases.

The natural gas is supplied from a distribution network channeled, so you do not need storage. There are different providers in the market for this type of energy source.

  • Propane gas

It resembles natural gas, that is, it has no shape, odor, or taste, but it can be burned for energy. It is found buried under the surface of the earth mixed with natural gas or oil.

The propane gas we use today was produced over millions of years. We cannot produce propane gas in a short period of time. It is a non-renewable energy source. Propane gas is obtained from oil and natural gas. Our supply of propane gas depends on our reserves of these energy sources. It is distributed in LPG bottles

  • Diesel oil

Also called diesel , it is a hydrocarbon used mainly as a heating fuel and in diesel engines. Requires storage.

  • Electricity

It is a highly versatile form of energy, which is why it has a large number of applications, one of which is that it allows a heating system to be installed with this type of energy.

  • Solar

It can be used to provide service and / or support for the production of heating, sanitary hot water and swimming pool heating. It is a modern and efficient means of energy that protects the environment, producing significant savings in consumption.

  • Geothermal

Geothermal energy is a great unknown, but with great potential. It is the energy stored in the form of heat under the surface of the ground and that can be used in a technically and economically viable way. Deeper, higher temperature, but it is in the most superficial layers where there are greater possibilities of using heat at affordable costs. Thus, depending on the temperature of the geothermal resource, there are different possibilities of use.

  • Aerothermy

It refers to the thermal energy accumulated in the outside air that can be used for the production of heat (in the case of heating installation) or cold (in the case of air conditioning). The aerotermia is a type of renewable energy that can be extracted in large quantities from the environment without depleting the resource.

Heating Ottawa

Our Reviewed by Customers in Ottawa

From the moment that we met with Dave, our encounter with was really very professional. Every step in the process, from the initial discussion of purchase options, to the installation of the A/C, then the follow-up by the tech, it was top notch. We bought this home from our parents who had used Junglex for years. I would strongly recommend this local company.
Christine B
It was a Sunday and they were able to get out the same day. When the technician got to my house, it only took him 15 min to diagnose the problem and fix it. We are so happy with the professional service. Also the pricing was very reasonable. We have had bad experience in the past with another provider in our area, so it was definitely amazing that we were responded to same day.
Eric W
They are very easy to work with. A family health issue forced a long delay before installation could be done. They took it all in stride and stored our air conditioner for 5 months before we could be allow it to be installed. The installation went smoothly and I'm very happy with the way it is working. I want to especially thank Patrick and David for their patience with my frequent questions during the installation.
Derek L

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