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Whatever the size of your project, we are able to offer you personalized service and our electricians will always give you the best advice suited to your case.

Do you want to change or repair the lightning of an old building or design from A to Z  in your new building? Do not look any further! our team is able to meet all your requirements as quickly as possible and at an affordable price. Our experience and versatility allow us to offer exemplary services for the interior or exterior lighting of multi-unit housing, condominiums, houses (detached or semi-detached), century-old buildings, etc.

We do both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting work. The first is to optimize the light inside your home. The lighting and brightness of rooms are essential aspects that affect both the decoration of a room and its practical daily use. A well-lit room will have an impact on the quality of life of the occupants. Finding a balance between a dark space and a well-lit space is no easy task. This is why it is in your best interest to call a professional electrician to carry out this kind of project.

Outdoor lighting also fulfills several functions. A building with well-lit exterior parts is at the same time more welcoming, safer and better displayed. Our electricians will work with you to develop a plan that meets your outdoor lighting needs. Outdoor lighting has several functions, including safety during night trips in the yard or on the ground, highlight the architecture of the property, create an atmosphere on the terrace, mark a path in the garden, etc.

From the simple installation of lighting fixtures to the complete modification of a building’s lighting system, we can complete your lighting projects. We work with all products on the market including the most prestigious brands in the industry. In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, the products and techniques we use are at the forefront of technology. In addition, we guarantee that each installation will be carried out with care and precision, in accordance with current industry standards.

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We listen to our customers. When you use our services, you benefit from attentive service that considers your needs, your budget and your schedule. So, if you want to add light to your home, choose us, we are best electrical contractor in Ottawa.

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