Top Reasons to Buy Marijuana from a Dispensary Instead of a Dealer

Let’s be honest. Despite the legalization of medicinal cannabis, the criminal market for marijuana is not going away anytime soon. Even in first-world nations with the world’s biggest legal marijuana market and where cannabis is legal for all adults, black market activities continue to thrive.

You may select where to get your medication if you have a medicinal marijuana card. You may either buy legal marijuana from a regulated dispensary or continue to buy marijuana from a local dealer.

Should I Buy Weed From My Dispensary or My Dealer?

Aside from the fact that purchasing marijuana outside of a dispensary is illegal and might put you in jail, there are many more compelling reasons to get your medication from a dispensary. Let’s get started.


Depending on where you reside, the dealer may be your sole or much more convenient alternative. Dealers often offer home delivery in cities and states currently discussing whether to allow delivery.

Alternatively, you may Google your local dispensary’s hours and menu like the . When traveling, it is simple to locate a dispensary, and a retail shop offers a wider range of items.


Purchasing cannabis from a dispensary in total privacy and anonymity might be challenging. Security cameras capture your image, and your ID is scanned into the computer system. Home delivery is not always the best choice. 

Buy cannabis Castlegar, BC, your cannabis will be delivered by someone wearing a body camera to capture your purchase. You could consider calling the dealer if you value privacy and discretion regarding your cannabis.

Assume you’re worried about your privacy. In such a case, you may inquire about your local dispensary’s privacy rules, what they do with your information, and how they defend against data breaches.

Your dealer may provide you with more privacy. However, it is a more casual sort of privacy. Although dealers have a reputation for secrecy, don’t demand a copy of your dealer’s documented data security strategy. If you are thinking about your privacy while visiting a dispensary, consider if you would have an issue if it became known that you bought cannabis on the black market.


The dealer is just less expensive. It’s a lot cheaper in certain regions. For many customers, this is the decisive factor. However, savvy buyers will not just purchase cheaper things without comparing them. So, why is the dispensary more expensive? Taxes and compliance expenses


The legal cannabis sector must follow various environmental restrictions, including those governing growing. Illegal farmers may not always adhere to the same norms. Do you know where your cannabis came from?

On the retail side, the sector has been heavily chastised for packing regulations that result in large volumes of trash. An environmentally concerned merchant may utilize more environmentally friendly packaging. Follow here to learn more.

Buy Local

How does cannabis fit in if you value spending your money in your community? Some dispensaries are owned and operated by members of the community. Others are involved in multi-state activities. Because of federal legislation, you can be certain that the cannabis you bought was cultivated in the state where you purchased it. Discover who grew it and where.

Testing and Safety

Safety concerns heavily influence the demand for legalization. Pesticide regulations, rigorous laboratory testing, labeling standards, and child-resistant packaging assure customers that their goods are safe. This assurance is part of what you pay for at the dispensary.


Hopefully, these six reasons will persuade you to seek out a reliable dispensary for your medical marijuana. We all need your cooperation to ensure its success, safeguard public health, preserve the environment, and minimize violent crime.